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It’s a chilly morning when the enchanting garden fairy Lola Starryblossom finds a tiny little bird, hurt and alone.

Lola has to think quickly. She cunningly arranges for seven-year old Emma to find the bird and, together with her family the girl comes to the rescue. But even with all this help, the little bird feels cheerless and alone.
Lola realizes that just getting it out of the garden won’t be enough for the little bird to be healthy once again. Will Lola succeed in helping the little bird not to give up?

A book about friendships, compassion and courage.

Since November 2014 available at the SILBERMUND-SHOP and in selected bookstores via LIBRI.

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – instead of 19,90 just 14,90!

Hardcover German edition, 48 Pages, illustrated.
ISBN 978-3-9503901-0-0




Also available in English as Lola Starryblossom – Never give up!

Hardcover English edition, ISBN 978-3-9503901-3-1



LOLA STARRYBLOSSOM – Believe in yourself!

Lola Starryblossom has got her work cut out for her, for many things are changing and tests of courage are in the air.
The mystery surrounding Viola’s parents is waiting to be solved. Julia and Stefan make a big decision. Will Emma be able to overcome her greatest fear? Will she believe in herself?
Lola and Emma are off on an extraordinary adventure with unexpected surprises that help them find the answers to all of these questions.

Der second Volume is published. You can get it directly at the SILBERMUND-SHOP and in selected bookstores via LIBRI.

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – instead of 19,90 just 14,90!
Hardcover German edition, illustrated.
ISBN 978-3-9503901-4-8


Also available in English as Lola Starryblossom – Believe in yourself!
Hardcover English edition, ISBN 978-3-9503901-5-5



True Romance – „Foreplay starts, when the sexual act ends“

Soon available!

SARAH MARS wrote a book about people like you, in relationships like you maybe have, about relationships you maybe wanna have … True Romance – “The foreplay begins when the sexual act ends.”

Softcover, 350 pages, ISBN 978-3-9503901-6-2

Release date 2019


You can find more informations about Lola on her own website lolasternenbluete.com and/or visit Lola Starryblossom on Facebook.



Silver Hearts

Sarah Mars lives and works in Austria, most of the time.

She worked as a journalist for newspapers, radio and television. Sarah is a proud mother, telling fantastic stories to her daughter every evening since the little girl was two. There are still many more heroes to be discovered.

Aicke-Wulf Linsner lives and works in Germany.

The happy father of four daughters studied architecture before dedicating himself to graphic design. Along with comics, and commissioned work for advertising clients, he has created wondrously fascinating illustrations for children. www.linsner-art.com



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Patience is a Virtue

After having to wait for months, we are still going to have to invest some more time. If we had only known a year ago that we would have to be so patient with the first Lola volume we might have backed out of the whole thing. But now we really do believe that we […]

Coming up with something new …

Our author, Sarah Mars, is busy working on the second Lola Starryblossom story. After having created a wonderful world of fairies, writing everything down for herself, she can cheerfully get back to work. We are so excited that she’s come this far and we do hope that our little bookworms are ready to get caught […]


You can start following “Lola Sternenblüte” on Twitter now. Lola would be delight to have you join her. Bye for now READING IS GOLDEN!

Status Report

We had “Lola Sternenblüte – Gib niemals auf” translated into English and unfortunately had to do so much work ourselves, as the quality was not up to our expectations at all. In addition to completely having left one paragraph out (!), we found so many more shortcomings. But we’re going to keep working, living up […]

In Full Swing

A status report on the progress of the first volume of the Lola Starryblossom series. Our illustrator is doing a brilliant job. His working so precisely means the publishing house has had to make nearly no changes! We’re saving so much time and having so much fun doing it. Since we really had a raw […]




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