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Many thanks to Chiara K.

Hello Lola-Fans! Last week Petra Barzauner had a reading in a first class of an elementary school. Children was happily delighted. WE would like to thank Chiara K for making that nice picture for us. Remember: READING IS GOLDEN.

Thank you!

Hello to all Lola-Fans! We get requests for the second volume of „Lola Starryblossom“! We are very glad about that, thank you! Bevore we can produce „Lola Starryblossom – Believe in yourself!“, we have to sell about 800 units at Amazon. As you know, they make it very difficult for us, to do that. Maybe […]

Amazon sucks!

ATTENTION – AMAZON-Problems: If you want to buy the Printversion of „Lola Sternenblüte – Gib niemals auf!“ (German language), you have to klick on „Alle Angebote„, than you will get to the real buy-button! Despite other information upfront, at the End of December they told us, that we won’t get the BUY-BUTTON because it is a […]

Radio Broadcast

A Christmas-Hello! The reading/interview of „Lola Sternenblüte – Never give up!“ with Petra Barzauner will be aired on Sunday Morning on RADIO-GREEN-WHITE (Radio Grün-Weiß). Many thanks to everyone in the Team of Radio GREEN-WHITE!

Radio Fairytale

Tomorrow Petra Barzauner has to be the Story-fairy. This time Lola Starryblossom – Never give up! will be introduced at the local radio (radio green-white). The Interview will be recorded. Silbermund will donate three specimens of the great children book, so Christmas can come a little bit earlier for three children. If we know when […]

It’s finished!

We can hardly believe it … the book is finished! YEAH! Everything has been signed, sealed and delivered to the printer’s and nothing is standing in the way of the book being published in November. We are really looking forward to it all! And always remember: READING IS GOLDEN!

It’s all simmering …

Just to give you an idea of what’s been going on: The pot’s simmering; the last few ingredients are being frantically added. Anxious if the fire will hold out and all the effort will not have been for naught; there’s not much left but the steadfast are not to be misled and will keep on […]

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