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Amazon sucks!


If you want to buy the Printversion of „Lola Sternenblüte – Gib niemals auf!“ (German language), you have to klick on „Alle Angebote„, than you will get to the real buy-button!

Despite other information upfront, at the End of December they told us, that we won’t get the BUY-BUTTON because it is a BOOK!
So we have a lot of problems, because there are many users who didn’t buy it, because there is no „Buy-Button“.

PLEASE HELP SILBERMUND AND LOLA and buy at AMAZON the Printversion to empty the storage!
It seems that they want publisher to die! We have 1.950 books left. Please, help us!
Children are waiting for the second Lola Book „Believe in yourself!“

Next we do is, to offer our books only in bookstores … never ever at Amazon!

Please share this informations with all people you know!
Thanks a lot!

Always remember:

AMAZON-LINK to the book.

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