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Monthly Archives: Januar 2015

Many thanks to Chiara K.

Hello Lola-Fans! Last week Petra Barzauner had a reading in a first class of an elementary school. Children was happily delighted. WE would like to thank Chiara K for making that nice picture for us. Remember: READING IS GOLDEN.

Thank you!

Hello to all Lola-Fans! We get requests for the second volume of „Lola Starryblossom“! We are very glad about that, thank you! Bevore we can produce „Lola Starryblossom – Believe in yourself!“, we have to sell about 800 units at Amazon. As you know, they make it very difficult for us, to do that. Maybe […]

Amazon sucks!

ATTENTION – AMAZON-Problems: If you want to buy the Printversion of „Lola Sternenblüte – Gib niemals auf!“ (German language), you have to klick on „Alle Angebote„, than you will get to the real buy-button! Despite other information upfront, at the End of December they told us, that we won’t get the BUY-BUTTON because it is a […]