in progress

Hello, dear Daisy fans!

We have good news because Sarah Mars is writing, among other things, the third part of Daisy Daisy.

A new adventure with new friends awaits you.

Daisy Volume 3 is scheduled to be released this year.

We would be pleased!

in progress

Good news for all fans. Sarah Mars is writing Lola Volume 3 in parallel with others, which is scheduled to appear in 2025.

This will be a very special adventure!

We are excited and looking forward to it.

in progress

We have three novels planned!
Sarah Mars has decided to dedicate herself first to the romance novel, which is partly based on true events.
We are looking forward to a exciting and dramatic reading experience and hope that we can publish the novel soon.


We found the name for our Silbermund cuddly dog:

CHARLY Silbermund

We would like to thank all our guests, children and adults, who supported us at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023.

Since our books are always very close to reality, we chose “Charly” from the name suggestions because one of our dogs is also called Charly in reality. “Charly” works for female and male dogs and is therefore perfect.

Thank you all for visiting us at the Frankfurt Book Fair. It was our first time and a magical experience!

We create magic moments.