Who we are


We see ourselves as a collective of partners who want to leave good traces for society together. Silbermund is committed to good content as well as high quality books.
We do not publish many books but those that are close to our hearts. Especially children have a high value for us, because they carry the present and the future.

Power woman

I am challenged to be several women at the same time as well as to combine some professions and to bring the whole thing into harmony with my family.
This is often difficult and sometimes impossible, which is why many things and projects are not done at the speed they should in my head.

Recognizing that there is always a way to make it has made me strong. Often in life you are put in situations where you have to defend your loved ones and the things that are personally important like a lonely bear.
Even though this is often very challenging, you should never give up. My strong will has always been a loyal friend to me, because even if the way to the goal lasted a long time, I arrived at some point.

I hope that our books will bring joy to all of you, then part of my task will be fulfilled.

Petra Barzauner